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    There is no question that all drivers are very conscious of the rising cost of driving and the last thing any of us need is an unexpected cost or bill. Reversing accidents or even scrapes cost on average £500 and even though you are insured most drivers have an excess that they have to pay of around £250 + vat. This has to be paid on every single claim. If you then add the cost of time off work arranging hire cars and obtaining estimates etc the total cost is far in excess of £250.

  • Sporty, Purposeful or elegant and with different styles- you can be assured that our alloys perform as good as they look. To find out more call our service team on 01323 898 818

  • Everyday life can be very demanding on your car, so to help preserve it's looks we provide a variety of products. These range from Car Care products to car mats, rubber bootliners and Alarm systems. For more information on the vast range of products specially designed for your Ford. Call us on 01323 898 818

  • Your children deserve to be as comfortable as you are in your Ford, thats why we offer a full spectrum of car seats, ranging from new born right up to booster seat, all with the option of ISOFIX. It is very important once you have the best seat, to get it installed correctly for maximum safety. For more information and advice. Call our Service Department on:01323 898 818

  • We offer a wide range of entertainment and information options, ranging from Mobile Navigation Systems, to Bluetooth Handsfree Devices and In Car Entertainment Upgrades. There is something to suit any budget. Please call our service team now on: 01323 898 818

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    Paint Protection The whole idea behind paint sealant is to protect your vehicle's paintwork from the harsh environment that surrounds it UV rays from the sun, which can fade paintwork fallout and acid rain which can damage the paint finish road salt and other contributors which can fade and corrode the surface. The unique formula allows a one-off application that does not require top-ups or monthly conservers. Once applied, it's there to stay for at least 3 years and that's our Guarantee! Fabric & Carpet Protection

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