Up To £2,500 Deposit Contribution

Yes, you saw that right, up to £2,500 off a Brand-New electric car new to the market. MG have made heads turn with this offer, but it’s all true, there is no hidden fee's, no hidden facts. The contribution is a real thing. You are probably thinking why MG are doing this? It’s a simple answer, with global warming taking its toll on the planet we want to join the fight to help save it. Therefore, MG have realised their Brand New fully electric car so you can be part of something special. With the contribution we are helping you change the planet. After all that’s the only reason why the contribution is there. Be quick though because the contribution runs out when the orders hits a certain amount. This too good to be true deal won’t be around forever. Secure your place now with a £500 deposit. Be part of something special.



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