Eastbourne Airshow

"The award-winning Airbourne celebrates 27 years of airshow excellence in 2019"

After a long 4 days at the Eastbourne Airshow we are now back and getting ready for the next show. This was the first year we attended Eastbourne Airshow and we will defiently be back next year! We met hundreds of people who have been following MG for years and some who have only just heard of them and each and every person left even more in love with the brand!

We had a lot of questions about the all-new ZS EV that has recently been released, about the MG brand and about what's coming next with MG...

Our stand was located next to the Ginsters trailer and the ferries wheel, so as you can imagine we were VERY full on pasties after the team at Ginsters kept giving us amazing pasties all weekend (we recommend the traditional Cornish pasty)! We managed to take 10 minutes to explore the different stands at AirBourne and we came across some really cool stands with everything from a honey stand giving out A LOT of free honey all weekend, to a massive Chinook helicopter placed in the middle of the grass, we saw the lot!

A massive thank you to everyone who helped organise the event and an even bigger thank you to everyone came and said hello to us! We're not the best when it comes to photography but please check out our little video we put together of the event including a little clip of the fireworks to close the event on the Sunday!


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