Electric & Charging; Fuel, Oil & Emissions


ONLY use certified approved equipment from qualified suppliers and installers

When the battery is fully charged, disconnect the cable plug from the vehicle socket - if it is necessary to interrupt the charging of the vehicle, disconnect the vehicle plug first, then isolate the power supply.

NEVER allow water or fluids to enter or contaminate your charger or vehicle charging sockets.

NEVER use damaged charging points, equipment or sockets.

STOP charging immediately if you see anything unusual, smell burning or see sparks.

ALWAYS follow the operating instructions supplied with your charging equipment.

ALWAYS follow the operating instructions supplied with your charging equipment.

Charging Port

The charging port is located behind the charging port door centrally mounted in the front bumper. To open the door, ensure the vehicle is unlocked, press the MG badge and release - the door will open. Lift the door to reveal the waterproof blanking plugs.

1. Slow and Fast Charge Port - 7 Pin - Type 2 Plug
2. Rapid Charge Port - 7 Pin and 2 Pin - CCS Type Plug

The upper plug covers the 7 pin slow/fast charging socket (1), the lower plug covers the rapid charging socket (2).  Note: In order to use the rapid charger socket both waterproof blanking plugs will require removal.  After charging, refit the waterproof blanking plugs (slow/fast charge socket cover first), lower the charging port door and using the MG badge, push the door fully home until the latch locates.

ALWAYS ensure that any excess water is removed from the port area before connecting any charging device.

Fuel Requirements


Use only the recommended fuel which meets national standard! Serious damage to the catalytic converter will occur if the wrong fuel is used.

Petrol fuel specification: 95 RON unleaded petrol to EN 228 specification.

The filler tube is designed to accept a narrow filler nozzle of the type found on pumps that deliver ONLY unleaded fuel. Insert dispensing nozzle sufficiently far to ensure no spillage.


Diesel fuel specification: Diesel to EN590.
Minimum Cetane Rating is 49;
Maximum Biofuel Content is 7.5%.

The diesel filler tube is designed to accept a wider diesel nozzle. Be careful not to mis-fuel, see label on filler flap.

Diesel model low fuel strategy:

15 Litres – flashing IPK warning light;
8 Litres – continuous IPK warning light;
3 Litres – ‘limp-home’ mode;

Add minimum 5 Litres to restore normal driving.

Fuel Filler Flap

The fuel filler flap is located on the rear right side on MG6, MG3 and MG ZS (left side for MG GS).

Note: The fuel flap is locked electronically only when the car is locked using the handset.

Fuel Filler Cap

Unscrew the filler cap anti-clockwise and allow any pressure inside the tank to escape, before removing the cap.

 DO NOT fully fill the tank if the vehicle is to be parked in direct sunlight, or high ambient temperature – expansion of the fuel could cause spillage.


ModelSpecification (ACEA)Grade
MG6 PetrolA3/B35W/40
MG6 DieselC35W/30
MG3 2013MYA5/B55W/30
MG3 2016MY (Stop Start)A1/B15W/20
MG GSC35W/30
MG ZS 1.5A15W/20
MG ZS 1.0C35W/30
MG3 2018MYC30W/20
MG HSC50W/20









Note: Mixing oil additives with the engine oil is not recommended and could damage the engine.



RDE - Real Driving Emissions

The acronym RDE stands for Real Driving Emissions and refers to the tail-pipe emissions performance of your vehicle during a typical “real world” drive.

RDE was introduced as a legal requirement in 2016 under the European Commission legislation RDE (EU) 427/2016.  The legislated pollutants are Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and Particulates (Particulate Number - PN).  Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Carbon Monoxide (CO) are also monitored over the drive.

RDE emissions are measured by using a Portable Emissions Measurement System (PEMS) which is fitted to the vehicle to record in real-time, pollutants produced by the vehicle during a typical daily drive.

An RDE test consists of driving a vehicle on public roads equipped with the PEMS kit and meeting a range of criteria defined by the legislation. These include: road type (equal share between rural, urban and motorway), distance covered, average speed, ambient temperature, altitude and the driver characteristics.

  • RDE results for MG3 here
  • RDE restults for MG ZS 1.0T here
  • RDE results for MG ZS 1.5 here
  • RDE results for MG HS 1.5T here

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