The eZS - 07/02/2019

Full Electric Car

MG have a range of cars rumoured to be coming out over the next few years, some confirmed, some still in the design process! 

However we now have confirmation of the eZS which is an all electrical MG ZS! Now the MG ZS took the car industry by storm, a car with such a high level of specification with a price tag of only £15,795 with 7 Year Warranty & 0% APR Finance, so when they announced the eZS we were excited! We now have a few details about the eZS inlcuding the impressive 266 mile rangeon a single charge, and the vehicle will do 80% of it's charge in 30 minutes with the new fast charging technology MG are using. 

We will keep everyone updated as and when we have more details about this fasinating car! 


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