Up until now the MG HS has only been a rumour (a very exciting rumour!), however the MG HS has been spotted being tested in snowy conditions with UK number plates on. From this image we have deducted that the HS MUST be due to arrive in our Showroom in Seaford very soon! 

With the MG GS production at an end now MG need something to replace the GS that has been on sale for the past 4 years. The HS is going to be similar in size to the Nissan Quashqai and Ford Kuga, however we expect the offers to be just as good at the MG ZS or even better! 

But what is it going to look like? Well it’s a handsome thing. The styling is close to the ZS, with its sharp-looking LED headlight units and a large ‘starry’ grille that’ll grab the attention of passers-by. It features bold creases on the bonnet and above the rear wheel arch, while the rear end is confident and, if you squint, somewhat Jeep-like. Top-end cars will include lots of chrome touches and bi-colour alloy wheels.

They haven't spared any expense with the HS, as it will feature a huge range of technology including a glass panoramic sunroof, a premium Bose audio system and not one, but TWO cystal-clear touch screens! There will be a 10.1" colour touch screen that will sit in the middle of the car and allow you to control all of your infotainment, smart phone connectivity and audio. Then there will be a 12.3" screen in front of the driver that will replace all the analogue dials and have a much cleaner finish.

As always MG have out done themselves with this model, as the HS will be available at an almost unbeleivable price while being packed full of tech! The HS will have Lane Keeping, Adaptive Cruise Control, Sports Seats, Leather Interior and to finish it all off a mind-boggling array of ambient lighting options! All of these features will allow the car to operate semi-autonomously! 

What engine will it have?

We're still unsure about the technical details of the car but the Chinese market has two different engines for the HS, one being a 1.5 Litre 170bhp and the other being 2.0 Litre 220bhp engine, both of which are turbocharged and with either 6-speed manual or 7-speed automatic. However the HS could have the same engine as the ZS which is a 1.5 Litre 106bhp engine and a 1.0 Litre 111bhp turbocharged engine. 

But wait...theres more!

MG plan to release the HS later this year in 2019, but we've heard there is going to be a third SUV that will sit above the HS and could have a choice of 5-7 seats, featuring many of the same options as the HS. However this hasn't yet been confirmed so we're going to have to wait on this!

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