MG's Coming Soon...

MG have a lot of exciting vehicles in the pipeline due to be released over the next few years! As we're sure you've heard by now the next car we've got coming is a big one! We've got our very first electric MG, it's going to be called the MG eZS and it's going to be amazing!

Have a look below to see just a few of the fantastic cars we've got coming and register your interest now!

  • Up until now the MG HS has only been a rumour (a very exciting rumour!), however the MG HS has been spotted being tested in snowy conditions with UK number plates on. From this image we have deducted that the HS MUST be due to arrive in our Showroom in Seaford very soon! 

  • MG Hybrid! Or the MG 6?

  • The rumoured MG E-Motion!

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