MG are now offering the BEST Motability deals ever, with all of the MG range available on Motability ALL from ZERO Advanced Payment! The MG range have the lot, from the stylish MG 3 hatchback to the luxury MG ZS SUV. With the new MG range we can cater for all your requirements to help give you the best experience in your brand-new car!

At Seaford MG we currently have two Motability Sales Specialists available. You can pop in at any time and speak with Ellie Goldsmith or Ben Smith, who will be happy to help with any Motability questions you might have. Alternatively you can contact Ellie by emailing [email protected]. If you have a more general question our Sales team will be happy to help and they can be reached on [email protected] or call us on 01323 700033.

VehicleTransmissionAdvanced PaymentAdvanced PaymentWeekly RentalYou Keep

Civilian Allowance 
War Pensioner Allowance

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MG 3 Exclusive "Nav"Manual£299NIL£67.19£2.66
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MG ZS ExciteManual£399NIL£67.85£2.00
MG ZS ExclusiveManual£599NIL£69.17£0.68
MG ZS Exclusive 1.0Manual£599NIL£69.17£0.68
MG ZS ExclusiveAutomatic£749£46£69.17£0.68

MG ZS EV LR SEAutomatic/EV£899£195

MG ZS EV LR TrophyAutomatic/EV£1,199NIL

MG ZS EV LR Trophy ConnectAutomatic/EV

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MG HS ExciteManual£399NIL£67.85£2.00
MG HS ExclusiveManual£1,199NIL

MG HS ExciteAutomatic£699£87.00£69.25£0.60
MG HS ExclusiveAutomatic£1,499NIL

MG5 LR Exclusive Automatic/EV£2,749£1,593

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