• With the new MG Swappage Scheme you can get up to £2,500 for your old car!

    Swapping your old car for a new MG3 has never been easier with the new MG Swappage Scheme available now! If your car qualifies for the Swappage Scheme then all you have to do is bring your car in and drive away in a brand-new MG3! Easy right?

  • You saw that right, 0% APR on any MG (Excite or Exclusive) PCP deal. In simpler words, this deal is another one of MG's no brainer deals. Now you can get a brand new MG3 for even cheaper than before! With our new and exciting PCP deals. We have given some examples below so you can see if it is the car for you, we know it will be. The only catch to this deal is it won’t be around for ever, so why not get our hands on a Brand - new car on a PCP deal that has no interest what’s so ever. Be part of the newest kind of PCP deals.

  • You can now purchase a brand-new MG on finance and pay ZERO interest, and to make the deal even better it's on an HP plan which means at the end of the agreement you'll own the car. No balloon payments, no hidden fees, it'll be your car.

  • When you take out a PCP deal we will contribute £1,250 if you purchase a brand-new MG 3 Exclusive or MG ZS Exclusive!!!

  • Yes, you saw that right, up to £2,500 off a Brand-New electric car new to the market. MG have made heads turn with this offer, but it’s all true, there is no hidden fee's, no hidden facts. The contribution is a real thing. You are probably thinking why MG are doing this? It’s a simple answer, with global warming taking its toll on the planet we want to join the fight to help save it. Therefore, MG have realised their Brand New fully electric car so you can be part of something special. With the contribution we are helping you change the planet.

  • With a new car comes an all new and exciting deal from MG, the stunning HS has a new outstanding deal where if you take a PCP out with us, we will contribute £1000 on the Excite model and £1250 on our top of the range Exclusive model. With MG bring back their famous contribution deals it raises the question of why we do it? Simple answer is because we want you to experience the luxury of the all new HS for an affordable price, after all that’s the reason why we made another beautiful car with top of the range luxury throughout the car. No hidden fees. No hidden lies.